The Holiday Playbook

Get the exact promotional framework to attract holiday shoppers and bring in a flood of orders - without endless discounts or paid ads.

*One shop owner used this framework for ONE promotion and brought in almost $1k in sales in 3 days, with less than 1500 followers* (which was a new record for her!)

You know the holiday season is one of the biggest & most profitable times for product brands. Customers are out there, wallets open, ready to buy.

The problem: Your competitors know this too. 🙃 So it can feel like to be successful you have to give away endless (unprofitable) discounts, hit the jackpot with the algorithm, or come up with some illusive perfect promotion...  

But what if there was a way to get in front of customers, confidently sell while connecting with your audience, and bring in more predictable sales without more effort?

... so you can feel in control of your sales and spend more time with family & friends?

This is what happens when you have a promotional plan that builds anticipation, converts attention into action, and maximizes your product sales while protecting profits.

That's exactly why The Holiday Playbook exists.

Exclusively for product brands, I'm sharing the exact strategies & insights I learned while managing and marketing million dollar product departments for over 10+ years; that have helped other product shops get results like these:


With the Holiday Playbook, you'll have the same step-by-step process to plan, prep, and promote your business to stay ahead during the competitive holiday season.

 So that you can:

  • Stop worrying you'll get lost in the crowd and instead capture the attention of holiday shoppers with offers that make your products an easy 'yes please' add-to-cart

  • Build anticipation that has customers running to checkout without feeling any ick around selling using our proven promo framework

  • Finally feel at ease with done-for-you marketing calendars & timelines, so you don't have to worry about missing any sales opportunities

  • Add more buyers to your email list before your biggest events of the year so that you can make more predictable sales while relying less on the algorithm

  • Capture additional sales with easy website & systems updates that can add thousands to your bottom line without any extra effort

Discover the 5-step process to maximize Q4 holiday sales without the guesswork, endless discounts, or being dependent on an algorithm​.

Even better? You can avoid the “what do I say” with the bonus holiday content bank :) 



A detailed playbook that walks you through the exact 5-step process for creating profitable promotions & streamlined systems so that you can maximize revenue without exclusively relying on discounts or an algorithm

  • Templates, Tools, and Worksheets to streamline plans into actionable steps that eliminate guesswork and help get time back so you can enjoy this season with your family
  • Plug & Play Marketing Framework so you can easily get promotions up and running, with simple checklists of what to say & when across your feed, stories, and email
  • BONUS: Holiday Content Bank of over 50 Prompts, 70 Email Subject Lines, and 15 CTAs to drive engagement & sales

Includes lifetime access & all future updates


  • You want to take advantage of the biggest shopping season without giving away deep discounts
  • You feel like you’re just piecing together a plan and want to skip the guesswork
  • You want to feel at ease and in control of your sales with a proven framework to reach your goals
  • You want to avoid the time & energy drain of coming up with content ideas
  • You want to genuinely connect with customers and sell in a way that feels good for you (and them)
  • You’re a one-person shop or manage a small team and you want better results without spending more time

What Other Shop Owners Are Saying:

I followed your template for a Fall Faves Stock Up Sale from the Holiday Playbook and scheduled out my emails and social media story posts in advance (so it was easy to sit back and let the sale roll). I hoped to get a few hundred dollars in sales… <br> <br> I brought in almost $1K in 3 days 🤯 I had 17 orders, which is a record for me in a sales/launch weekend I’m fairly certain. What a great idea! Thank you!

This was exactly what I needed to get ready for the holiday season. I feel good and not as stressed about marketing, reels, my social plan. I know I can do it and the Playbook gives me such a good framework.

Thankful for HPP! Earned back my investment & then some BEFORE my sale started! 🎉

Okay you are a GEM and this holiday playbook is GOLD! ...It's everything I've needed and been wanting to learn about setting myself up successfully for holiday as a small business.

Happy to report that I crushed my two day sales goal in 5 HOURS.

Your holiday playbook transformed my holiday content planing last year! The prompts helped my spend more time on making great content and not worry about what to say!

Had my biggest sales day yesterday with the release of the new scents. I was prepared thanks to you!

I got your holiday prompts and am already jumping for joy that I have ideas of wtf to talk about again! You're a game-changer lady.

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