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Sold On Stories

SOLD ON STORIES is your playbook to activate your audience and effortlessly create sales with Stories that capture attention, connect with your community, and convert followers into customers.

In this guide, you will learn how to confidently show up, serve, and SELL to your audience.

You will feel confident in how to speak to the right people who become buyers, build momentum in your business, and make more sales.

And you'll save time & energy with daily prompts and an easy to create weekly plan; so you can focus on the work that lights you up (and provides for you & your family).

This is for the product shop owner who's ready to take inspired action, stop playing small, and confidently show up for their business.



  • build momentum & show up as a brand leader
  • inspire action with Stories that flow & convert attention into action
  • use social proof to fan the flames that convert into sales
  • keep viewers watching & coming back for more
  • create an engaged community around your brand


  • Short actionable training videos to craft your own SOS system
  • Over 40 strategic prompts designed to build trust, value, and sales
  • A daily & weekly plan that makes showing up simple
  • The 'STAR' sales formula to turn reviews into raving fans


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These are the best my stories have ever been! Yesterday 35% of my followers watched my Story - which is way higher than usual. It felt good to be creative and thoughtful about my business."

- Erin, Women's Clothing Boutique

I honestly have you to thank for it. My sales are up year over year and I feel as if I've been able to connect with people in a more personal way.

- Ashley, home decor shop

 Using your prompts have saved me! You're a genius.

- Melissa, women's clothing boutique

Look at this message I got today. The changes I made are working! 😍 That's the third person this week to say something like that.

- Allyson, Artist

I got four commissions this week, and one is the biggest job in 3 years!

- Beth, Custom Home Decor

Based on your prompt, I worked in that my entire site was on sale. From that story, I got a SALE!! Thank you so much. I don't think I would have gotten it without taking your advice and showing up! Done is better than perfect!!

- Wanderlove, Clothing Boutique